Sky Radio Jamaica

Sky Radio is the only radio station transmitting from the parish of St Ann./ London. When it was created in 1979, it covered only the North Coast of Jamaica, Broadcasting on the internet, but in 2023 it began broadcasting island-wide. Its contents are mostly music.

Did you know?

Jamaican cuisine includes a mixture of cooking techniques, flavours and spices influenced by Amerindian, African, Irish, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern people

This station is a non-profit/ independent community-based station. This allows the programmers much latitude in discussing the political and religious culture of the society and what actions are needed to improve the quality of the lives of the people in the most depressed areas of Jamaica.

Sky Radio Jamaica resides in the heart of the communities of the North Coast of Jamaica and serves a population of approximately 400,000 residents. Over the years we have maintained strong ties with dedicated listeners and radio presenters who actively participate in volunteering their services to help us to achieve higher standards of programming.

Main objectives are:

To work with the people of depressed inner city communities to alleviate poverty by providing information needs for spiritual, social and economic development and to foster positive collaborations between other community organisations active within the communities of Ocho Rios and St Mary Sky Radio Jamaica DAY

Sky Radio Jamaica survives the economic challenges and realities of community media by finding creative ways to stay relevant. In the years since its formation, community priorities have shifted from political tensions, associated killings, and restricted movement. Now the pressing concerns are dysfunctional graduates, sexual exploitation and violence against boys and girls, poor parenting, teenage pregnancies, and unhealthy sanitation practices. Through stakeholder collaboration and a participatory approach, Sky Radio Jamaica sets out to develop a schedule of programmes that reflect the people’s perspectives and alternate solutions.

The station’s day-to-day operations are coordinated by a small team of Part time coordinators and 24-hour programming is produced by approximately 6 volunteers. An Advisory Board led by a Board Chairman takes the lead on matters related to policy. Board members are volunteer experts in the areas of radio, education, community development, business, and fundraising. Income is generated through a combination of paid programmes; advertising sales; fundraising events and donations. is now allowing Sky Radio Jamaica to be much more competitive in the market providing entertainment for all with its mellow sound, giving a new and different feel to radio broadcasting.